Thursday, 18 July 2013

Nephi and George Zimmerman

Something to ponder:

Nephi  the son of Helaman

George Zimmerman
Corrupt judges stirred the people up to anger against Nephi for his speaking out against the evil in his society.
The Department of Justice (which is obligated to presume George Zimmerman innocent until proven guilty) helped organize and manage rallies against Zimmerman, stirring the people up against him and calling for his imprisonment, or worse.
Nephi had witnesses who attested to his innocence, but because others concocted a theory that he was part of some conspiracy they had no evidence even existed, he was brought before the judges.
Zimmerman had evidence supporting his claim to self defense and others who attested to his good character.  The Sanford Police Department found no grounds to arrest him, even when the case was turned over to the State Attorney's office for review they also concluded that there was insufficient evidence to charge Zimmerman.  Only later under political and media pressure was Zimmerman charged and brought to trial.
Zimmerman's defense in court was not an attempt to muddy the waters and claim reasonable doubt, he set out to prove that things happened as he said they did. After considering the evidence and testimony on both sides the jury ruled him not guilty even when they were told they could consider lesser changes.
Some believed Nephi told the truth about himself, there arose a great division among the people.
Some defend the verdict as correct, but there are ongoing protests, including violent threats and efforts to find some other ways to jail Zimmerman.

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