Saturday, 25 October 2014

If you are surprised, you have NOT been paying attention.

Two Canadian soldiers are dead.  Attacked and killed on Canadian soil by cowards who did not dare to face them in a fair fight.  Cpl. Nathan Cirillo  was shot as he stood, unarmed, as a sentry at Canada's National War MemorialWarrant Officer Patrice Vincent was run over in the parking lot outside a government office in a strip mall.  His killer is reported to have waited there for hours for the chance to kill a soldier.

Both of the accused are recent converts to Islam.  Both had already acted in such a way that the government felt compelled to revoke their passport in a bid to keep them from joining the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).  Unable to join the fight there, they each launched their own attacks here.

It really doesn't matter to me if there was any kind of organizational support behind them, if their attacks were planned or coordinated with others or not.  Even if you consider them both to be lone wolves, the fact of the matter is that they were both incited to plot and carry out their murderous plans by a subculture that now exists within every Western nation.  A subculture that glorifies murder in the name of Islam and promotes an ideology of violence and repression.

These acts should be a huge wake up call to the sleepy citizens and politicians who had their heads stuck so deep into the religion of peace sand that they couldn't tell this was coming.  I'm not saying that all of Islam is violent and repressive, but anybody who denies the existence and influence and danger of that violent subculture within Islam is like that character in a disaster movie that you hope dies of their own stupidity before they bring more disaster on those around them.  This denial gives space for that subculture to flourish even further, and blocks effective actions against it.

Striking back by vandalizing mosques or persecuting somebody for their religion is not acceptable behavior.  But a lack of condemnation from Canadian imams isn't good either.  A lack of public outrage from the Islamic community invites people to see nearly all of Islam as being sympathetic to terrorists or worse.  And I'm not talking about just these two incidents, but every time all over the world that radical Islamists rise up in violence or display their cruel and repressive intentions the near total silence from the rest of Islam is deafening.

The Westboro Baptist Church and the KKK are pushed to the fringe of society for their extremism.  To belong to either of those groups makes you a social pariah both in Western civilization and among Christians.  Why don't we see those Imams calling for violent jihad treated the same way in Western nations?  Where are the outraged followers of Muhammad shouting down and protesting against the radicals, or rejecting their ideology, stripping them of respect and influence over other followers of Islam?

If they really want us to believe that these kinds of acts are reprehensible to them and an aberration among their religion they need to do more, and be louder about it.  If they don't then it's hardly surprising that some people would draw certain conclusions (as some already have), and for some of those people to strike back against a perceived threat with vandalism or worse.  I don't want to see that happen.

I sorrow for the loved ones of those soldiers.  There has been a heartwarming outpouring towards their families and the best of Canadian values has been on display in our reaction to this.  But I feel sorrow for Canada as well, because despite the usual rhetoric from politicians about being more resolved then ever, I struggle to believe the political willpower to solve this problem will last long enough to see it solved.

I think if  any Western government really did do what it had to do to remove that subculture from their nation, their actions would become politicized, and with the aid of a biased media their citizens would be stirred up to replace the government with one who will only do what is politically expedient at the moment, just as what happened in the USA in reaction to the World Trade Center attack and the response to it. 

If we look for a similar situation in the Book of Mormon, then the story surrounding the Title of Liberty comes to mind.  We think of Captain Moroni rallying his people but often overlook the broader story.

Captain Moroni raised the Standard of Liberty to rally the Nephites against the enemy within, the king men.  When the king men saw they were outnumbered they fled, intending to join with the Lamanites and continue their efforts to overthrow the Nephites from there.  Captain Moroni intercepted them, and all those who would not take an oath to uphold the Standard of Liberty were put to death.

Later, after the Lamanites began to wage war on the Nephites, the king men rose up again and deposed the rightful leadership.  Then they worked to deny the military of supplies and reinforcements.  Captain Moroni defeated them and executed their leaders.  Once again, any who would not uphold the Standard of Liberty and fight for the Nephites rather than against them were also put to death.

Don't misunderstand what I'm getting at here.  I am NOT calling for blood in the streets, my point is that when there is a subculture in a free nation that seeks to overthrow that freedom, and is willing to resort to violence or illegal actions, it must removed quickly, decisively, and as completely as possible.

If the subculture that generates radicals is not stamped out, we will have more radicals, more attacks, more deaths.  This subculture is not just something that exists in some mosques, it exists in a milder form in some university lecture halls, high school classrooms, and in much of the popular culture.

Those academics and actors who promote the idea that Western civilization, capitalism, or Christianity, is a force for evil, and the idea that those who do not subscribe to the right ideology are not entitled to the same level of respect or freedom as others grooms impressionable minds to be radicalized and helps make violence appear legitimate to them.

Sedition and treason are not protected free speech.  A religion stops being a religion when it advocates overthrowing the government to replace it with a theocracy, and a free and democratic society can not expect to endure if it tries to prove it's commitment to diversity by celebrating a culture that encourages, condones or facilitates violence.

If the deaths of  Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and the other victims of terrorist attacks around the world do not eventually lead to the death of  political correctness then Western governments will not be able to eradicate this cancerous subculture in their society.  It will be almost as if they died in vain, and that is a tragedy for everybody.

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  1. Looks like some Imams are not being quiet, they are speaking out in support of the attackers.