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My name is Paul and I currently live in Ottawa, Canada.  My mom joined the church years before I was born and we grew up in an LDS home although my dad didn't become a member until a short while after I was baptized.  A year later we were sealed in the Cardston temple.

I have always lived where Mormon are a tiny minority, and the church has always been important to me.  I skipped out on the whole teenage rebellion phase and was eager to serve a mission. 

A couple months after I finished high school I was off to the England London South Mission.  It was a fantastic two years where I was tested in way I would have never dreamed.  Six weeks after I got back I proposed to the girl I fell completely in love with 4 years before and we were soon married in the Washington DC Temple. 

I obtained a BMath from the University of Waterloo and began my career in IT.  Along the way over the past 24+ years we've raised 6 fantastic kids.  I've served as a Sunday School teacher for youth and adults, Cub Leader, Primary teacher, Ward Clerk, Ward Mission Leader, Elder's Quorum President, and other callings as well.  My wife has almost always been in Primary, usually doing the music.  She has a love for little kids that is endless and a gift in working with them.  She is also working on finishing her degree program she put on hold when we got married.

I'm a very traditional, conservative, Mormon.  I like to think of myself as being very well  informed about the gospel and the church but I'm always happy to learn more and understand better. I'm very conservative in my politics as well.  And by conservative I'm talking about ideology, not about political parties.  I pay close attention to what goes on both in the USA and Canada (having a vested interest in both), and also around the world.  .  I have volunteered to help local candidates I believed in, but I would never run for office myself. 

I also wrote a number of op-ed articles for Canada Free Press several years ago, and also had articles in The Hill Times and Newsmax.com.

I love movies of all kinds as long as they are true to human nature and not pushing some agenda rooted in false ideas, and I especially enjoy good science fiction/fantasy.  Stuff like Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Stargate, X-Files, etc.  I also spend a lot of time online keeping up with current events, learning about topics of personal interest, doing research for personal projects etc.  I hope someday to find the discipline to write the several novels and screenplays floating around in my head.

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